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October 19, 2021

Science Cast

Bridging the gap between Scientists and the Public

Imagine testing yourself for COVID-19 just like a Pregnancy test

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Credit: https://siragainesville.com/

Once you go to a hospital or any other test centre and allow a stranger straight to the back our your nose or mouth with this long stick with a cotton-like feel at the end, you will need at least 24 hours to get back your results.

The test is done by a lab technologist who has a specialisation in molecular biology/biochemistry with the know-how PCR is performed. This needs reagents, time, electricity and expertise to get it done.

This whole time you are waiting for your results, you were busy letting your chin kiss the inside of the mask, cuddled in closed doors with your ‘inner-circle’. If positive, we have spread the virus a bunch to people who will have spread it too.

Know Your Blood Type At Home

Apart from the vaccines and drugs, better diagnostics tools will help us go back to our normal lives without this over-wear that we wear since its weird not to have one without understanding the reason and how it works. Same with the under-wears.

Good news is scientists are developing a diagnostic tool that doesn’t need the big 4: reagents, time, electricity and expertise. It’s paper-based to mean, anyone can do it and know their results just like a pregnancy test. Instead of protein detection, the tool detects DNA and RNA of the viruses.

What are they waiting for? You ask. Answer= Your Support.

Other tests taken at home in Kenya are HIV Saliva-based Test and HIV Blood-based Tests.

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